Communication portals

When we talk about communication portals, each one of us might imagine something different. But what is common to these portals?

  • Big data
  • Different accounts for different users
  • Many functional patterns, designed to be appropriate for every type of user
  • Web administrator easily redesigns functional patterns for users

These portals are created for external and internal usersLet us imagine we are talking about an Intranet portal with integrated document and project management systems. But it also includes:

  • ISO quality standard management system
  • Training and tests for employees
  • Research
  • Tasks and the ability to keep track of the status of the task.

Also, a motivational-reward system could be included, as well as entry control and registers integrated with CRM.
Standard functions, like forums, news, voting, who is out of the office, vacations, resource allocation, and others, are included.

Or maybe you need a portal for external users, and a functional ability to generate data collection from different resources and registers? Maybe you need an Intranet portal that is not only useful to the marketing department?

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