Digital documents

| SharePoint document management system

Just imagine: a paperless office.

All your internal documents, orders, regulations, processes and procedures, even invoices, are digital. Everything is created, ordered, issued and signed digitally. If you forget something, the system will remind you about that document or task.

Digital documents are suitable for both large and small organizations, and especially for international organizations that have affiliates in other countries and cities.


  1. The human resources department prepares and issues new regulations regarding expenditure limits for fuel and telecommunications. The CEO sees the document creation process, and when it is finished, he signs it. When a document is signed by the CEO, the human resources specialist allocates tasks (to read and confirm) to all employees. The system sends all the tasks to the assigned people, and tracks the status of the tasks. The human resources specialist sees the status bar. The system reminds employees about tasks that are overdue.
  2. Another situation: A group of international companies is running a business conference. All the costs and invoices are addressed to one of the group members. But according to the agreement, expenditure should be split between the members of the group. The main thing is that the system organizes, gathers and distributes all the invoices between the organizations.
  3. Those who are responsible for ISO standard management can relax, because the system reminds them what should be done: documents, updates, tasks, internal exams or knowledge tests for employees. This functionality serves best before an audit.

Of course, this is not everything that digital documents can do for you. To put it simply, digital documents can help the CEO, marketing, human resources, legal, financial and other departments, and can save time. If you wish to see a live version of it, just call us!

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