Individualized SharePoint Systems

We understand that you need a system that is appropriate for your aims and your vision. This is clear. Nobody wants a ‘one-size-fits-all’ system.

  • Do you need a communication portal based on Microsoft SharePoint, which is easy to administer and user friendly? (By adopting functional patterns to their needs?) A success story: AIKOS

  • Or maybe you need a document management system based on Microsoft SharePoint? A success story: Invalda.

  • Or you want digital documents and a paperless office? A success story: Modus group.

  • Maybe what you need is a simple module integrated into your SharePoint system for the on-line allocation of resources?

  • Or a module for the organization of business trips?

  • Do your marketing professionals need smart Intranet which would be suitable for all your employees?

  • Or something else to meet your needs?

Every company has its own specific requirements and business needs. One company pays more attention to process automation, another seeks to develop a system which helps through communication, sharing or providing services. Let us meet and talk about your needs!

Other Services

SharePoint systems can be a helpful assistant to managers, marketing managers and CEOs, and especially to your customers, too. Have you tried it yet?


    We use SharePoint to serve our clients. And we have been doing this for over 10 years. Maybe we can help you?


    We have been programming .NET solutions more than 16 years. If you have great ideas, we can help you realize them.


    Automate some of your tasks, and you will save time and money. The job will be more interesting, and everyone will be more satisfied.