Project Server

There‘s nothing worse than un-useful Information System, which is difficult, boring and bothering to use. And it’s easier to talk about user commitment of IT systems if they have included: complete finance transparency, analytical tools for project portfolio and each project too, and functionalities to measure KPI’s, plan resources and simple for beginners to understand and to start to use.

Let us talk about project management system that fits your needs.

  • Or maybe you need to install Microsoft Project Server?
  • Or migrate Microsoft Project Server with data and functionality trough few versions?
  • Do you need a finance transparency and analysis tool, like UMT365, which is being used by Fortune 500 companies around the world?
  • Or the biggest aim is to organize current project management system audit and to receive recommendations?

So what fits to your aims: a project management system or Microsoft Project Server? Let us talk about what you really need!

Other Services

Practice makes perfect. We have been programming and developing .NET systems for more than 16 years. Our team were the first to tailor SharePoint to serve our clients. We are referring here to the free-of-charge SharePoint Foundation version, or the paid SharePoint Server.


    We use SharePoint to serve our clients. And we have been doing this for over 10 years. Maybe we can help you?


    We have been programming .NET solutions more than 16 years. If you have great ideas, we can help you realize them.


    Automate some of your tasks, and you will save time and money. The job will be more interesting, and everyone will be more satisfied.